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Race Recaps


VAHS Race 1 - Miller School

April 16, 2022

What a race! Times were dropped by all compared to last season and out of over 550 that pinned on numbers, our team brought home a 1st (Joren), 2nd (Zach), & 4th (Elletta) podium spot, plus 2 top 20 (Jacob - 11, Wesley - 17) spots in the JV field. It was a great day!


NICA Race 2 - Stokesville

September 25, 2021

Is is always great time at Stokesville! Congratulations to Zach who had a podium finish placing 4th out 67 Middle School boys. Valentino was 11th in the same very competitive race. Keegan turned in the fastest lap time for the team at 18:00 earning a 15th place finish in JV boys. 
Weston had the steadiest lap times, his two laps were only five seconds off from each other. There were some impressive drops in one-lap times from the last time we visited Stokesville. Everyone is improving & getting stronger! 


VAHS Race 2 & 3 - Stokesville

May 08 & 09, 2021

Who would have thought a pandemic would bring a double header race weekend, on Mother's Day weekend no less! All the Chain Gang racers did such a wonderful job despite the different race environment. The course was longer than last time we visited Stokesville to accommodate for a different parking arrangement for pandemic safety purposes, but it all worked. All the racers improved time and had fun! It was windy as all get out, but overall a great weekend to race. Our team was small this spring season - but still mighty! Go Chain Gang! That's a wrap till NICA! Keep riding! Fall season practice will be here before you know it!


NICA Race 3 - Bedford

November 09, 2019

And that’s a wrap for the Chain Gang’s 2019 NICA season! Great job team! Not everyone could make this rain date, but Chain Gang still represented strong out in the cold! Congratulations to all of our athletes on a job well done! The Chesterfield Chain Gang placed 9th overall for High School and 4th for Middle School! Great job, Gang! Special shout outs are a must: Emma had a 1st place Bedford win with a 1st in the overall for MS-B. Thomas took 1st place at Bedford with a 2nd in the overall as a sophomore racing JV! Laurel had a 2nd place race & overall for HS Freshman and Maddie had a 3rd place race & overall for MS-A. Awesome! This team runs on volunteers! Our Head Coach, Coach Paula, along with Coach Joe - they don’t even have kiddos on this team, but invest so much time, effort, and care - it’s incredible! The team is beyond grateful! We are thankful for all who volunteer their time to help the kids on this team; all the parents who go through the NICA Coach training to help the team run, those who don’t bike, but are always there to lend a hand - every roll is vital and so very appreciated! Thanks also to all of our sponsors & supporters. Please support those that support the Chain Gang! And of course, thanks to the great kids that make this team a team. They have worked hard, they have grown, they have learned, they have succeeded, and they had fun! What a fantastic season! Mountain biking rocks! Go Chain Gang!

rained out.jpg

NICA Race 3 - Bedford

October 20, 2019

Cancelled due to weather - rain date 11/9/19


NICA Race 1 - Woodberry Forest

September 21, 2019

The Chain Gang came to represent! WOW - what a hot and dusty race! Huge puffs of dirt floated through the air as fast racers sped through the trails. Race 1 was a huge success for the Chain Gang; we had 5 individual podium placements, with the middle school group taking 3rd, and the high schoolers securing 10th. Go Chain Gang!


NICA Race 4 - Bedford Trails

October 21, 2018

And that’s a wrap on the fall NICA race series! It was a windy & cold day, but the Chain Gang rocked Bedford! A huge congrats to all of our athletes & special applause for our seniors who are 100% class acts!

Our middle school crew held on to the #1 overall spot with our high schoolers coming in at an impressive 9th place. Thomas, Katie, Rex, & Will S. brought the high scores for HS in race 4. Congratulations to our racers achieving podium placements: Laurel - 3rd MS Girls A with 2nd overall, Maddie - 1st MS Girls B with 1st overall, Olivia - 3rd MS Girls B with 2nd overall, Thomas - 4th HS Boys Freshman. And we must mention our “always a part of Team Chain Gang,” Ryan S. who took 2nd in the tough Varsity race & as well as in the overall. A lot goes into running a mountain bike team - a huge thank you to all of our amazing coaches & other volunteers! Please remember to support all who sponsor and support the Chain Gang; check out our sponsors & supporters.


NICA Race 2 - Stokesville

September 23, 2018

It rained, there was mud, it rained more, there was more mud... but Team Chain Gang came to Stokesville & said “Bring it!”After race 2, the Chain Gang is overall in 10th with the Middle School Crew in 1st! All of our athletes deserve huge kuddos for powering through such conditions. These kids are awesome! Special mention to Rex who had one lap at 19:46 (WOW!) & was able to bring in the highest points for the team. 2nd highest scorer was Katie, followed closely by Thomas & Will! Izzy gets a warrior mention as he didn’t let Mother Nature hold him down & ran through the finish - bike & busted wheel in hand! It was impressive to witness! Congrats to our podium finishers: *Maddie - 1st in MS Girls B / *Olivia - 2nd in MS Girls B / *Laurel - 2nd in MS Girls A. 


NICA Race 3 - Woodberry Forest

October 23, 2021

Congratulations to Zach who had another podium finish (3rd). A great race day for the entire team. Woodberry Forest brings fast & flowy trails and the team came to race hard! Beautiful weather always makes for a super day of XC MTB racing! Race times continue to drop! Go Chain Gang!


NICA Race 1 - Miller School

September 11, 2021

Team Chain Gang rocks! What  great way to start the race season! Everyone raced tough! The HS crew came in 16th overall and MS was 8th. Keegan was our top HS point scorer, followed by Jacob, Sarah, & Danny S. MS top scorers were Zach, Collin, Danny A., and McKenna. Not all riders were able to participate and we were missing some of our veteran athletes due to injury or pandemic concerns, but that did not stop this team. They raced! A special shout out to Ric who had a mechanical, fixed it himself, and got right back on the trail to finish hard. That is the name of the game in mountain bike racing - keep going! Great weather, awesome athletes, fantastic coaches  - that makes for a successful and fun race day!


VAHS Race 1 - Miller School

May 01, 2021

Even though all is still..... "pandemic weird" - it sure was great to be racing again. We have a small group participating in VAHS this spring, but wow, did they bring it! Times were faster than last time the team hit this course so kuddos to all! A special congrats to Zach who pulled out a 3rd place podium spot! Go Chain Gang!


NICA Race 4 - Miller School

November 02, 2019

This was actually race 3 due to the Bedford weather cancellation. It was a cold day at the Miller School, but the Chain Gang stayed warm by really pushing through! These kids have worked hard & it showed! Congrats to all of our athletes with an additional shout out to our podium placers; Laurel - 2nd Freshman, Maddie - 3rd MS A, Presley - MS A, Emma - 3rd MS B. Go Chain Gang!


NICA Race 2 - Stokesville

October 06, 2019

What a day! Nice fall weather despite a little rain and...... the Chain Gang did great! All the dedication, hard work, and perseverance is paying off! GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP cheering for teammates and competitors! Completing a race even when the chips are down takes strength mentally and physically. Seeing one of our teammates run 2 full laps on the course due to an unfixable mechanical was inspiring. Congrats to all of our amazing athletes, 5 of which made podium. Go Chain Gang! 


2019 VAHS Series

April - May, 2019

This season back to VAHS series as a team was a great success! There were some tough trails, bad weather, mechanicals, and injuries, but our riders were tougher! A huge congrats to all of our racers with a special shout out to those that made podium in the overall; Maddie (4th MS Girls) and Laurel (5th MS Girls). Go Chain Gang!


NICA Race 3 - Woodberry Forest

October 06, 2018

The Chain Gang has grit! These kids rocked Race 3! Our Middle School crew finished 1st for the day & is still 1st overall! Our High Schoolers rose to the occasion too, holding firm in 10th with Thomas, Katie, Manning, & Will S. bringing home the high scores. Congrats to our athletes who achieved podium placements: Laurel - 1st MS A Girls & 2nd overall, Maddie - 1st MS B Girls & 1st overall, Olivia - 2nd MS B Girls & 2nd overall, Michael - 5th MS B Boys & 3rd overall, Thomas - 5th HS Freshman Boys. Applause for all of our athletes, our super coaches, & volunteers that work together to make Team Chain Gang awesome!


NICA Race 1 - Miller School

September 08, 2018

The Chain Gang came to represent & finished the race with 3 impressive podium placements (Laurel - 2nd MS-A Girls, Maddie - 1st MS-B Girls, Olivia - 2nd MS-B Girls). All racers performed well with lots of time improvements from hard work paying off. Congratulations!

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