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Ride Your Bike!


Strong minds,

healthy bodies,

positive character;

one pedal stroke at a time!



Work hard - enjoy the ride!

We are a volunteer run, non-profit, co-ed mountain bike team for riders of all skill levels in grades 6th - 12th;  with athletes from public, private, and home schools in Chesterfield County, VA.

We compete in XC MTB races through the VA League of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) and the VA High School Series (VAHS), providing Chesterfield County youth with exceptional, inclusive mountain biking opportunities.



Founded in 2015 

Competitive cyclist, Ann Hardy founded and led the team to win their 1st VA High School Cycling League championship. Student athletes created the logo and name, incorporating the bike training term chain gang; a technique of riders working together to bike fast. 

The team was honored to have had the expertise, kindness, and enthusiasm of the late Lieutenant Jay Cullen (Coach Jay) as Head Coach during the 2017 NICA season. His focus and motivation provided valuable life long lessons; the team will always ride hard and smart in his memory.

Coach Todd Craft led the team to an exciting NICA Championship win for our middle school group in 2018, expanding the team even more.


Today, Coach Paula Labieniec leads CCG MTB  in the core principles of a strong mind, body, and character. She is backed by a dedicated group of coaches and other volunteers who keep us moving forward. Coach Paula is not only dedicated to the team's growth, but in the support of NICA's GRiT (Girls Riding Together) program which aims to get more gals out there riding.


In 2019, Head Coach Paula and team Board of Directors members, B. Kelley and K. Pavlik were able to accomplish valuable non-profit status for the team. The team was also named NICA Team of the Month in MTB Action Magizine. 



Schedule subject to change. 

MTB Action

Video credit: David E Kern, August 2022.

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